Mail Containing a Virus or Failing Content Checks

This graph shows a total number of messages found that violate content filtering rules. The shaded area represents messages blocked, quarantined, cleaned or disinfected because of viruses, forbidden extensions or filetypes and html embedded malicious code. The thin blue line shows only those of the above detected by virus scanners. Please note that some messages may trigger multiple content rules and/or contain multiple viruses, in this event these messages may cause this graph to appear higher than it should be. Any sharp rise in this graph may be worthy of investigation.
This page will refresh automatically every 5 minutes.The statistics were last updated Tuesday, 2 June 2015 at 9:45,
at which time 'MailScanner at' had been up for 17:21.

`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Infected Mail   15.0     8.0     4.0    
 Viruses Detected   15.0     8.0     4.0    

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Infected Mail   54.0     17.0     4.0    
 Viruses Detected   25.0     7.0     4.0    

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)

Max Average Current
 Infected Mail   83.0     18.0     2.0    
 Viruses Detected   49.0     8.0     2.0    

`Yearly' Graph (1 Day Average)

Max Average Current
 Infected Mail   459.0     27.0     10.0    
 Viruses Detected   239.0     11.0     10.0    
Blue ### Average Infected Mail
DarkBlue ### Average Viruses Detected
Green ### Maximum Infected Mail
Violet ### Maximum Viruses Detected