Processing Speed

This graph show the average speed of processing by MailScanner (this is the time from MailScanner collecting a message from the incoming queue to dropping it into the outgoing queue for delivery). in order for this graph to work you must set Log Speed = yes in MailScanner.conf. NOTE: Unlike most other graphs a low reading here suggests a problem (i.e. slow speed or processing) The shaded area represents the average speed for the entire process, the dark blue line show the speed of spam checks (as these most often cause delays)
This page will refresh automatically every 5 minutes.The statistics were last updated Thursday, 28 May 2015 at 13:50,
at which time 'MailScanner at' had been up for 160 days.

`Daily' Graph (5 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Total Processing Speed: 78.7 kB/s     3115.0 B/s     1110.0 B/s    
 Spam Checks Speed: 104.9 kB/s     15.1 kB/s     12.9 kB/s    

`Weekly' Graph (30 Minute Average)

Max Average Current
 Total Processing Speed: 307.0 kB/s     3556.0 B/s     4782.0 B/s    
 Spam Checks Speed: 183.2 kB/s     13.2 kB/s     14.5 kB/s    

`Monthly' Graph (2 Hour Average)

Max Average Current
 Total Processing Speed: 353.8 kB/s     3507.0 B/s     3831.0 B/s    
 Spam Checks Speed: 267.5 kB/s     13.8 kB/s     10.1 kB/s    

`Yearly' Graph (1 Day Average)

Max Average Current
 Total Processing Speed: 990.1 kB/s     3599.0 B/s     3261.0 B/s    
 Spam Checks Speed: 957.3 kB/s     15.7 kB/s     14.9 kB/s    
Blue ### Average Total Processing Speed
DarkBlue ### Average Spam Checks Speed
Green ### Maximum Total Processing Speed
Violet ### Maximum Spam Checks Speed